Read Us or Die: A New Anthology from Black Bed Sheet Books Authors

Have you been looking for something new to read? My publisher, Black Bed Sheet Books has a brand new anthology out in digital and paperback right now. The antho, edited by the talented Jason Gehlert and titled Read Us or Die, features horror authors from the BBS roster including Lincoln Crisler, Jennifer Caress, Jessica Lynne Gardner, and William Cook.

A story called “The Patchwork Boy” from my BBS collection Meat City is in the anthology as well. It’s one I enjoyed writing and I hope others enjoy reading. Enough of me though. If you like horror and you want to read some cool horror stories by some great folks, please check out Read Us or Die. I really think you’ll dig it.

You can check out the Amazon link here, or you can head to the BBS site.

Good News on the Writing Front – Comic Books, Lou vs. the Pack, and More

Some interesting developments over the past couple of weeks. While I continue to toil away on my normal freelance work and try to make ends meet,  I received some good news. Yours truly is going to be writing a comic book for Shot in the Dark Comics! The comic, titled Pieces, comes from the mind of Gene Tipton, publisher of the comic company.

(Once again, I’ve gotta thank Nick Grabowsky, the publisher of Black Bed Sheet Books, who published Meat City. I found out about Shot in the Dark Comics through him – they are the company turning Nick’s stories into stand alone comics seen here)

This is a steampunk/superhero styled comic that promises to be quite a bit of fun. I’ve always loved comics, and I’m very excited to have the opportunity to take over writing the book. Gene Tipton wrote the first issue, and I will be taking over duties from the second issue forward. I have some fun and wild ideas that I look forward to incorporating as well. I’ve already just about finished the synopsis for the first arc, and will be working on finishing up some scripts in the coming weeks.

In other writing news, I am going to be finishing up a few other prose projects in the next few weeks, hopefully. I am just about done writing Out in the Cold, a short horror novel. I’ve started work on Lou vs. the Pack as well, and that should be out in – hopefully- a couple of months. It’s gonna be a fun one. If you liked Lou vs. the Zombies, chances are that you’ll like this one too. Same Lou attitude, entirely different beastie and a new cast of entertaining characters.

I also have a couple of other things in the works, but I imagine people are tired of hearing about that sort of thing. I’ll try to blog about other things that might interest folks as well! I promise.