Playlist of Music for Writing the Comic Book PIECES

As many know, I am currently working on a comic book called Pieces for Shot in the Dark Comics. Pieces is a steampunk comic that is a blast to write and – I believe – is going to be something that people who love horror, fantasy, and steampunk are going to enjoy. I can’t say too much right now, but I’ll be adding a special section to my site just for the comic soon.

I’ve finished the first three issues, and am working on writing the next three for this arc of the steampunk comic right now, and I thought I might share a bit of inspiration I use.

Whenever I write anything, I like to have music on in the background – or sometimes blasting through the headphones. I tend to make playlists of songs that become soundtracks to whatever I might be working on at the time. I use these as inspiration whenever I need a boost during my writing. These aren’t all the songs on my list, but they should give you a good idea of the tone I’m going for with the story.

You’ll notice that I have quite a few from a band called Abney Park. I love this group, and the music is a perfect fit. However, I’ve got a few other bands in there as well, and if you have any suggestions for groups that could fit in this playlist let me know. I’m always looking for new music for my Pieces comic playlist!

Also, if you like these songs as much as I do, support the artists and buy them from Amazon, iTunes, or wherever you prefer to buy your music.

COPPER GIRL – from 3 Colours Red

3 Colours Red – Pure – 05 – Copper Girl



Abney Park – Herr Drosselmeyer´s Doll



Abney Park – Victorian Vigilante



Abney Park – All The Myths Are True [1080 HD]


AUTOMATON – Abney Park


DOCTOR SAWBONES – Creature Feature

Creature Feature – Dr. Sawbones





There we go, that’s a decent sampling of my current playlist. Now, I know that folks out there will have their own steampunk music and other music that they love. Let me know what else might fit along with this list so I can have some more ear candy while I’m writing.


Good News on the Writing Front – Comic Books, Lou vs. the Pack, and More

Some interesting developments over the past couple of weeks. While I continue to toil away on my normal freelance work and try to make ends meet,  I received some good news. Yours truly is going to be writing a comic book for Shot in the Dark Comics! The comic, titled Pieces, comes from the mind of Gene Tipton, publisher of the comic company.

(Once again, I’ve gotta thank Nick Grabowsky, the publisher of Black Bed Sheet Books, who published Meat City. I found out about Shot in the Dark Comics through him – they are the company turning Nick’s stories into stand alone comics seen here)

This is a steampunk/superhero styled comic that promises to be quite a bit of fun. I’ve always loved comics, and I’m very excited to have the opportunity to take over writing the book. Gene Tipton wrote the first issue, and I will be taking over duties from the second issue forward. I have some fun and wild ideas that I look forward to incorporating as well. I’ve already just about finished the synopsis for the first arc, and will be working on finishing up some scripts in the coming weeks.

In other writing news, I am going to be finishing up a few other prose projects in the next few weeks, hopefully. I am just about done writing Out in the Cold, a short horror novel. I’ve started work on Lou vs. the Pack as well, and that should be out in – hopefully- a couple of months. It’s gonna be a fun one. If you liked Lou vs. the Zombies, chances are that you’ll like this one too. Same Lou attitude, entirely different beastie and a new cast of entertaining characters.

I also have a couple of other things in the works, but I imagine people are tired of hearing about that sort of thing. I’ll try to blog about other things that might interest folks as well! I promise.

Dark Superheroes – Corrupts Absolutely?

I recently had the honor of appearing in a wonderful anthology called Corrupts Absolutely?, a book that looks at the world of superheroes through a dark and dirty lens. The anthology, edited  by Lincoln Crisler and out now in paperback and digital from Damnation Books, has a ton of great stories for those who like their superheroes with a bit of a sharp and nasty edge.

You might recognize some of the authors in the anthology: Weston Ochse, Jeff Strand, Tim Marquitz, Cat Rambo, and some other greats. I’m quite proud of my own contribution to the anthology, “Enlightened by Sin”, but sharing a table of contents with all of the other great writers is what really makes me happy.

Now, I’ve blogged about this antho before, but with the loss of so much of my posts, it needed to be done again. I also thought I would add some links to a round table discussion on the book that appeared on a great genre blog called Wag the Fox.

Enjoy the discussion:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Interview with the Editor: Lincoln Crisler