Here is the ever growing list of my books, stories, and other creative endeavors as well as where you will be able to located them.

Lou vs. the Zombies

What happens when an over the hill mafia bodyguard has to deal with zombies invading the trailer park he now calls home? Lou Black, former Giovanni family enforcer and protector, is about to find out. Poor zombies.

(Lou vs. the Zombies is an 18,000-word horror/action novella with a touch of dark humor)

 Uneasy Reading

Uneasy Reading is a collection of four short horror stories. The collection, at nearly 11,000 words, also includes an excerpt from the upcoming vampire/crime novella Wetwork.

The little tastes of horror found in Uneasy Reading include:

“Dead Favors” – Martin hates Silver Point and all of the rotten memories his old hometown holds. He’s only returning because his father is finally dead and because Cassie needs Martin to help with some unpleasant work.

“Rorschach’s Vampires” – Only Gordon sees them. They change shape and they tell him what to do. They demand things and he’s more than willing to give in to their needs.

“Worst Thing I Ever Did” – What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done? Find out the terrible thing one man did in this short zombie tale.

“God’s Food” – Here is a dark retelling of the Brothers Grimm fairytale of the same name.

Blood, Magic & a Concubine: 3 Dark Urban Fantasy Tales

This collection of three dark urban fantasy tales is approximately 20,000 words in length.

“Blood, Magic & a Concubine” – Johnny Stone is a wizard. He fixes things. He makes all manner of problems go away in the subterranean city of Underbelly. When someone kidnaps Manny the Goon’s girl, Manny pleads with Johnny to find and rescue her. But Manny is holding back information and this isn’t making Johnny’s job easy, not even when he enlists the help of a Nordic god.

“The Naughty List” – Seven-year-old Janie’s life isn’t so great. Lyle keeps coming back and being mean to her and her mom. Now Mom spends all of her time sleeping in her room. Thankfully, it’s Christmas and in her letter to Santa, Janie asked for help with her Lyle problem. Santa and his elves  are eager to help. Things might not go so well for Lyle.

“Under the Skin” – Kagan wakes up in a pool of blood. It isn’t the first time he’s woken up and found shredded human remains, and he fears it won’t be the last. He’s already killed someone he loves even though he doesn’t remember doing it. Something is living inside of him. He can feel it. Heeding the advice of a Navajo shaman, he and his sister set out for the New Mexico desert to find answers.

 Meat City & Other Stories 

WELCOME TO MEAT CITY Take a trip along the arterial highway, and make a left at the last exit to enter Meat City, where all manner of nasty things are clamoring to greet you.
  • Granger knows what it’s like to kill a man. It’s an assassin’s job to know death. When the corpse of Granger’s latest victim staggers to his feet though, all bets are off in “Meat City”.
  • Christian has searched for purpose his entire life. Miserable relationships and false religions were all part of the journey. But he might find just what he needs hidden in tunnels beneath the “City of a Million Gods”.
  • A pale, pleading face of a young boy stares at Kari from the dilapidated corpse of a house next door. She knows what it’s like to need someone, and she’s determined to help “The Patchwork Boy”.
  • It’s been decades since the dead rose up and dragged the world kicking, screaming, and bleeding into hell. Only a few humans, The Pale Riders, still venture to the outlands. In “Ballad of the Pale Riders”, a legendary rider teaches a rookie what it means to be humanity’s last hope.
These and thirteen more slices of horror await you on the raw and bloodied streets. Enjoy your visit….


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The New Place to Find Me Is

It’s been ages since I’ve posted here, and that’s mainly because I am doing new and different things, mainly nonfiction and focused on true crime, particularly serial killers. I have some upcoming nonfiction titles, as well as regular blog posts. It’s a site called Aberrant Nation.

So, just in case anyone wants to find me, I will be at from here on out. You can also find me at

Hope to see you there.

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